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“My son was bit shy and used to communicate less in the class, but with the help of teacher he has developed his persona from being shy boy to the most talkative child in the class. Teachers in the Chinese school are very very helpful. My son participated in the National Chinese speaking competition in London and his teacher not only guided me as his mother how to prepare but came to our home and gave one hour dedication to teach him. Head teacher personally asked to share video of practice to her so that she can guide too. This all went fruitful and my son and his team won the third prize… I would simply say that teachers in this Chinese school give their 100% dedication not only to teach kids the foreign language but also gives the child – confidence, support and fun learning experience.” – Non Native Year 1 student Rudra’s mum

“Orpington 中文学校的教学方法让人敬佩,我孩子现在学中文的兴趣是越来越浓。更令人欣慰的是在短短一年时间里我孩子现在认识的汉字远远超过了我的想象。感谢Orpington 中文学校和红蕾老师细心教导,作为父母我们为孩子在Orpington 中文学校取得的进步感到非常骄傲。One thing that strikes me the most is the method Teacher Hong Lei uses to encourage my son to read and write, it has surpassed all my expectations that my son can now read so fluently, also be able to write so many Chinese characters. My son really loves Orpington Chinese School, going to the Chinese lessons is one of his highlights of the week” – Native Year 2 student Kaikai’s mum

“My son started Orpington Chinese School in Non-Native Reception when he was five, having had no experience in the Mandarin language beforehand.  He thoroughly enjoys going every Saturday and cannot wait to put on his uniform.  The teachers have been absolutely fantastic and the classes are a good mixture of learning about the culture and learning the actual language.  Communication to and from the class teacher is always swift.  I particularly love how enthusiastic and dedicated his class teacher is, sending out prompt reminders on a weekly basis.  The school also organises a wonderful performance during Chinese New Year and has given my son the opportunity to showcase his musical skills by performing a solo on the violin.  Thank you so much for building such a wonderful foundation for my son. Long may it continue!” – Non Native Year 1 student’s mum

“大儿子已经不知不觉在奥平顿中文学校学习中文快两年了。这两年变化很大,来中文学校学习前,主要目的是为了能让儿子说中文有自信。之前由于周围是英文环境,所以渐渐的儿子不喜欢说中文,甚至反感说中文。但是现在他不只喜欢说中文还很骄傲自己会中文,还教弟弟说中文。两年的学习,还认识了不少中文字。儿子很喜欢认真负责的老师们,每周六的中文课是儿子最期待的事情,能和小朋友们一起交流中文,跟着老师认真学习中文是孩子们最喜欢的事情。现在我家的二儿子也开始了中文学校的学习。希望能有更多小朋友一起学中文,感谢奥平顿中文学校创造了一个超级好的中文语言环境,给孩子们一个难得的学习中文的机会。” Native Year 1 student’s mum

“首先感谢老师耐心教导,孩子有很大进步; 说话语言也通顺了,听反映也快了。这段时间也喜欢看国内电视(孩子喜爱电视) 这说明他们有理解里面的内容(是部分)。但,在这段时间里,偶而也跟他们一起阅读,还是发现音调还没掌握。声调在发音过程中高低在音节里还不知道平扬拐弯降的转音。经常纠正、讲解还是没掌握(也闹出不少笑话!)  这是他们发挥弱项吧!怕音调没掌好,错字连篇。希望老师在这方面多提示。别方面是靠多读多多练多听慢慢积累! 孩子们很幸运有这样学中文机会,也有幸遇到好老师!’ – Native Year 4 student’s mum