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Orpington Chinese Language School Communities donate to Wuhan Zhong Nan Hospital to fight coronavirus

Date: February 16, 2020 Author: admin Categories: News & Events


Overseas Chinese have responded earnestly to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China as the number of infected cases continues to rise, organising large donations for those in urgent need back home.

As the outbreak of the disease has led to a rising demand for medical supplies, Orpington Chinese Language School, led by the founder Ms Zhizhi Chen and deputy head Ms Cui, head of Kingston branch Ms Lai Wei and head of Wimbledon branch Ms Jing You, launched an initiative to the parents communities, calling for donations to fight against the epidemic.

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The initiative saw donations coming from our staff, teachers, parents, students and friends thanks to the help of everyone in our school communities. Meanwhile, large quantities of medical masks and protective suits were purchased by our staff despite the general shortage of supplies in the UK and subsequently transported to Wuhan in two batches thanks to the generosity of Hainan Airlines. The supplies have safely arrived in Wuhan Zhongnan Hospital.

Reporters from ITV evidenced our efforts to ship the second batch through Hainan Airlines last flight to China before the route was temporary shut due to the outbreak. They were “deeply touched” by our communities’ efforts to help the frontline medical staff in Wuhan to fight against the epidemic. They praised the Chinese government for the extraordinary measures it has taken to contain the outbreak.


Students from Orpington Chinese Language School also expressed their good wishes for China to win the battle through traditional calligraphy writing.