Non-Native Re...

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Non-Native Reception

Chinese language is cool! It lasts three thousand years and is still vibrant! Chinese language is very popular! It has over 1.3 billion native speakers, and now it has over 100 million non-native learners around the world! Come and join the wave of Chinese learning, join today at Orpington Chinese Language School!

Our newly opened Non-Native Reception Class (for 4+ years old) is for those who are interested in Chinese language and culture. Our philosophy is to create fun and engaging learning environment. Our goal is to enable children to have preliminary skills to recognize, read and communicate in Chinese, to cultivate children’s interest in Chinese and Chinese culture, and to lay a good foundation for their further learning. Depending on the age group and demand, more classes for different age groups will be created accordingly.

We will use the textbook “Chinese Paradise” from Chinese Confucius Institute Headquarters. The key feature of this textbook is “fun”, which incorporates a variety of learning: reading, writing and video watching, games, singing and handcrafting. It allows the children in the classroom to engage all parts of their bodies: eyes, ears, mouth, hands and brain. It also allows them to learn while they play, to gain knowledge of a foreign language as well as developing intelligence.

We will also combine both language education and cultural awareness in our teaching. We will introduce children to their topics of interest such as martial arts, painting, festivals, animal signs, folklore, etc. so that they fell in love with Chinese learning and Chinese culture in a relaxed atmosphere. All these will lay a great foundation in the future for children to have a different cultural understanding and acceptance, to have an open mind and an international vision.