Native Reception

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Native Reception

Native Reception Class

We base the teaching on the children’s ability, for under five year olds, we focus more on listening and speaking with some introduction to Pinying and simple Chinese Character strokes. After careful consideration, we have chosen Chinese for Kids (You Er Han Yu) published by Jinan University Press as textbook. This is suited for 4-6 year olds native Chinese speakers. The content of the book is interesting and the format is new, there is no specific grammar detailed in the book and emphasis is put on the basic listening and speaking.

We develop their interest in learning Chinese by asking them to talk about things they know or familiar with, and talk about things that are closely related to their daily life. We will also introduce nursery rhymes, children’s songs, stories, games, arts & crafts etc from time to time. We will carefully select a wide range of fun and interesting materials to supplement the teaching and adjust the speed and content in class according to the children’s ability, and provide a personalised course for the children.

Last but not least, thank you to all mums and dads again for your support! We will create a pleasant learning atmosphere for the children and hope in return, they will love our culture and our language.