Native Year 1

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Native Year 1

Native Year 1 Class

Native Year 1 Class is aimed for 5 year-olds or older native Mandarin speakers, they should already have some basic skills on Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We have chosen Chinese Language (Yu Wen) published by Shanghai Education Press as textbook, the content of the book is interesting, it is easy to understand and easy to read. It comes with an audio tape which allows home listening, the character cards help the children to recognise and master characters.

We will include other things such as story telling, roll play, children’s songs etc in class. The aim for the Native class is to help the children to have a good grasp on listening, speaking, reading and writing, master Pinying, recognise some Chinese characters and able to write some basic Chinese characters. There will be homework to help children to consolidate what they learn in class.

We will also adjust the teaching methods based on the class situation and the children’s ability, improve our quality of teaching.