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About Us

Path of Development

The UK is a very diverse multicultural society where people with different ethnic backgrounds, speaking different languages gather and make it their home.

Thanks to the sustained cultural exchanges between China and the UK, we now have increased interaction and enhanced friendship. Now, more and more Chinese people are choosing to work, study and live in the UK. For Chinese families here, the education for the next generation is important including Chinese language learning. Most Chinese families communicate with their children in Chinese at home, but as the children grow in an English environment in the UK, their Chinese speaking and character writing tend to stay at a basic level. How to improve their children’s Chinese language skills is a shared concern by many Chinese parents.

Chinese as a foreign language is also popular in the UK, many British people like Chinese calligraphy and are interested in Chinese culture. Many want to learn to speak Chinese and learn more about China. Chinese learning is also promoted by the UK Department for Education, many primary and secondary schools offer Chinese lessons. This provides a great platform for Chinese development in the UK.

Orpington Chinese Language School was established in response to the growing demand. After a period of research and exploration and thanks to a great deal of help and support, Orpington Chinese Language School was officially launched on 6th September 2014. Our goal is to provide a safe, happy and productive Chinese learning environment for each and every one of our students, giving them the opportunity to learn Chinese Characters, build friendships and experience Chinese culture. We also aim to offer a variety of after school activities which are both fun and educational.

 Orpington Chinese Language School is conveniently located inside the Tubbenden Primary School. This should make it more convenient for parents to pick up and drop off their children. We have a great team of experienced teachers, they are all talented and from different backgrounds, offering their great knowledge and experience to the Orpington Chinese Language School community!