About Teachers

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About Teachers

  • Headteacher of Orpington Chinese Language School

Gigi Chen, graduated from Edinburgh Business School with a MBA in 2001. She held various positions including Finance Manager, Management Consultant at blue chip companies in Shanghai and London, and accumulated great management skills throughout her career.

“I have always been very enthusiastic and passionate about work, study and life. Having lived in the UK for over 10 years, I understand deeply the desire of overseas Chinese parents to have their children learn the Chinese language and culture. Increasingly, more and more non-Chinese people wants to learn Chinese, and choose to learn it as their second language.  After careful preparation, Orpington Chinese Language School was formally established on 6th September 2014, I am honoured to be the Headmistress of Orpington Chinese Language School.”

Teacher Michelle Wei, graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with BA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and University of Leeds with MA in Communication Studies. She published a lot of articles in Chinese popular magazines and two books named Britain Guide and Maps and Study in UK.She is also the editor and writer for UK Kids Wechat Platform and one of the organisers of Chinese Family Classical Music Concert and Chinese Family Arts Festival. Since 2017, Teacher Wei has been teaching Mandarin to children from 3 to 7 years old in Kingston upon Thames and increasingly boosted her determination to continue to bring solid Chinese language and culture education to the community. Therefore, she has been working with Headteacher Gigi and planning carefully to launch the Kingston branch in April 2018. “I am delighted to be able to use the knowledge and skills that I learnt from my Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language major at university as well as the experience, passion and the understanding of the wider richness of our Chinese culture to bring together the local Chinese community and provide excellent Chinese language education in Kingston with the strong support from the Orpington Chinese Language School in Orpington.”

  • Non-Native Class Teacher
Teacher Xuan, graduated from University of Cambridge with a BA (hons) in economics. She has worked in the Investment Banking Department at the London headquarter of a top international investment bank. As a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) member, she now serves at a Fortune 500 company raising capital for real estate companies. Influenced by the family since an early age, she has a passion for the Chinese language which led her to become a school correspondent and editor-in-chief in earlier years of studies overseas and a volunteer to give introductory course and literature lessons during her university education. Whether Chinese is your native language or a second, she looks forward to embarking on an exciting and fun journey with you to explore Chinese language and culture.
“I’d like to open a window for the native children, so that they can appreciate the civilization and witness its evolution in the modern society; and share the joy I had at their age. I’d like to open a door for the non-native children towards the boulevard of Chinese language; and hope their learning of the language would draw closer to the culture for better cohesion of the communities.
Based in Orpington Chinese Language School, I will make every effort to share my knowledge and carry out the responsibility of passing on the Chinese culture and values.”
  • Non-Native Class Teacher
Teacher Anna graduated with a BSc in Human Resources from Tianjin University of Technology. In 2009 she completed her Master’s degree in Economic Management from University of Hull. She has worked as a HR executive in Sino-Korean joint venture for a blue chip company, now in the UK she works for a telecommunications company as a Technical Adviser. She has worked as a part time Chinese teacher for two years at Hull Chinese School and has helped a number of pupils with their language studies.
“With my past experience in teaching young children the rich and diverse Chinese language, I have learnt the importance to retain a high level of interest in what you are conveying to your students.  Therefore I like to mix traditional teaching methods such as reading, writing and recitals with an element of fun and laughter as well as incorporating pictures, moving images, music and interactive games to keep the children’s minds active.  I am honoured to join such a great Chinese School in Orpington and happy at the chance to be able to teach something which I love dearly to all that are willing to learn.


  • Non-Native Class Teacher

Teacher Yang Byham has been living in London since 2003 when she obtained her BA in English in Anhui University, China. She went on pursuing her academic study in London, and gained her first MA degree from Goldsmiths College in Applied Linguistics with a dissertation on the topic of Second Language Acquisition. She then decided to focus her study in language with a slightly different direction which led her to obtain another Master’s in Interpreting and Translation at Westminster University. She has since been working as a free-lance interpreter translating for high-profile conferences and events. She also worked in a Chinese media company based in London heading the marketing department.

“I have never stopped working to bring together the two very different languages and cultures, and my most ambitious dream is to work with children one day, and if possible, to introduce them the beauty of a new language and culture. I am now based in Orpington and a mother of a 2 year old son.‍ “

  • Native Class Teacher

Ms Hong Lei graduated in Marketing Management at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China. In addition to this she received a Standard Spoken Chinese Certificate, second levels, of first-class of Beijing Broadcasting University.

In 2002 she received the Bachelor of B.A. from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. During the study, Mrs Hong Lei taught Chinese language for both adults and children to gain teaching experience. Mrs Hong Lei got married in the UK with two daughters who were both born in Nanjing. Both daughters have been raised bilingual (Chinese and English) and Hong Lei takes the time to teach both daughters the importance of Chinese culture and the appreciation of both languages.

Mrs Hong Lei is looking forward to take this excellent opportunity with OCLS, to make Chinese language learning fun, pass on her experience and to help promote Chinese heritage and cultural traditions in the UK.

  • Native Class Teacher


Teacher Yangyang, graduated from Shanghai East China Normal University, completed Bachelor of Education in Chinese Language and Culture,  achieved Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Cultural Studies, received short-term bi-lingual education training in both New Zealand and the UK. When in China, she was an university teacher and was editor for the University Paper. She has been teaching Chinese in the UK since 2008, and she is currently teaching at a public school and at International IB.

“At the time when I chose to study literature, I never imagined that many years later I will travel across the oceans and teach thousands of miles away. Today, I see children from different ethnic background with different colour hair in our classes, I hear them greeting each other in Chinese, listen to them singing the songs I used to sing when I was their age and reading poems that have been around for hundreds of years, the wonders of life are truly amazing and the vitality of Chinese culture touches me immensely. Inheritance and propagation, both ideals but also responsibility, I share this with fellow teachers at Orpington Chinese Language School, and with the parents who have settled in a foreign country but hope their children can retain their roots and inherit their culture!”

Teacher Dan graduated from Kingston University Business School with MSc (hons) in Accounting and Finance in 2008. She was working for Juvenile Reader as executive editor in China for over 6 years and started teaching Mandarin since she moved to UK in 2005. She has an extreme passion and sincere desire for teaching Chinese. In 2008, she obtained certificate for Teachers of Chinese to speaker of other languages. She is very popular teacher with patient and enthusiastic personality, imaginative and creative teaching methodology.
“Since I am a mother myself, as an overseas Chinese parent, I not only want my children to speak Chinese, but also hope that they can inherit the Chinese culture and pass on the Chinese spirit. As a teacher, the best gift I hope to give my students, apart from teaching them Chinese language, is to make them fall in love with Chinese and the Chinese culture. I feel honoured to join the Orpington Chinese Language School Kingston Branch and I am looking forward to share my experience and help motivate my students to discover and enjoy Chinese.”

Teacher Wendy Dong, graduated from Coventry University with Masters Degree in English Language Teaching. After her graduation, she worked as a Mandarin Lecturer in Coventry University and delivered Mandarin lectures for university staff and students. She also designed and delivered Mandarin Taste Sessions for some pupils in Coventry area. Wendy then worked as a Mandarin Teacher in Chinesewise School (New Malden) and taught a variety age groups of students.

Wendy has been very interested in language learning and teaching since she was young. She is very enthusiastic and hard-working, loves to communicate with young children, and is very flexible in using different teaching methods according to their various personalities. As a mum of two, she provides her kids with pure Chinese environment at home. She knows how important a native language environment is to help develop their native language and other multi-language skills.

Wendy is willing to help more Chinese children whose parents have the same concerns through the Orpington Chinese Language School, to help the them to build interest in Mandarin, to learn and master the language, and to inherit the Chinese culture.